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About Me

I am Andrea Parks,

a wife and mother. I have been shooting professionally since 2010 when I stumbled into my gift as I photographed my newborn son. Everyone around me began to encourage me to pursue this journey. Photography came naturally for me, as my grandfather and father both have a passion for it and an incredible eye for imagery. When you work with me I will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable, confident, and bring out the beautiful you I know is there! Being photographed can be a nerve wracking and an extremely self-conscious thing to do, and that’s why making you laugh and loosen up is my specialty. Besides, if you’re comfortable and confident in your own skin it will definitely show in the pictures. I’m a very easygoing, laugh-at-myself kind of person and trust me it rubs off on my clients. Nine times out of ten my clients leave saying “I didn’t think that was going to be that fun!” and that’s exactly why I love my job, because it’s fun and I get to make people laugh, love themselves, discover a side of themselves they didn’t know they had. Most importantly, I get to wow them with phenomenal portraits.

Thinking out of the box and trying new things fuels my passion. I’m always open to ideas, and I love when someone says, “where in the world was that taken”. I take advantage of natural shadow & light to create dramatic flair that will impact an image of you and still excite you years from now. I love photographing newborns, individuals & families, because no two people are ever alike. I love discovering what makes you, YOU and capturing it forever as a beautiful piece of art. I seek hidden beauty and depth in the world around me; I’m always looking for the small details that most people would have passed by. I am a mother and a wife, and without that experience I wouldn’t be the photographer I am today, it has equipped me with patience and empathy for my clients. I know when to pull out the bubbles & treats when a toddler needs a little smile and I also have an eye for romance, tender moments, genuine laughs and the joyous adventure of being a parent, meltdowns, frowny faces and all!

Head on over to my contact page, shoot me a message and let’s turn your dreams of artistic and stunning photography into a reality!

Here’s to always having loving ways and perfect days! <3


A few quotes that I love ……

 “Sometimes I get to places just as God is ready to have someone click the shutter”

-Ansel Adams


“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousand reasons to smile.”


“If it makes you laugh, if it makes you cry, if it rips out your heart, that’s a good picture.”

-Eddie Adams

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